The Guangzhou production base of KDT Group kicked off its full-scale production, and the prod


In January 2021, the new headquarters workshop in Ruixiang Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou was put into use as scheduled, marking the official launch of the Guangzhou production base of KDT Group, with a production capacity of 3 billion yuan, realizing a new leap in production capacity!

The Guangzhou production base includes two parts: the edge banding machine production base (Yunkai Road, Huangpu District) and the production base of Hongya CNC's new headquarters (Ruixiang Road, Huangpu District). Through refined optimization of product production line layout, production efficiency is improved, and the company's production capacity is increased.



Edge banding machine production base (Yunkai Road, Huangpu District)





New headquarters production base (Ruixiang Road, Huangpu District)

The full-scale production is a great leap in the strategic development of Hongya CNC Group, which provides strong support for the group to complete its industrial layout, achieve high-quality leap-forward growth and the group's strategic vision.

The present is promising and the future can be expected. Hongya CNC Group will take the opportunity of the Guangzhou production base to be fully put into production and move towards a stage of rapid development. The follow-up new headquarters project will be fully supported, the equipment production capacity will be steadily improved, and the mature R&D and production system will become The powerful engine promotes the leapfrog development of the group!