The main workshop of the new headquarters of KDT was officially put into production in Octobe


In order to meet the increasing demand for orders and further increase the production capacity of the workshop, the main workshop of the new headquarters of Hongya CNC was officially put into operation in October, and the original workshop will jointly undertake the equipment production tasks, and the company's production capacity will reach a new level!

The main workshop was officially put into use on October 5, and the first CNC panel saw was successfully produced on the 12th. This opened the new chapter of the main workshop of the new headquarters of Hongya CNC into full production and effective. CNC panel saw every month An increase of 10 units from the previous month. In the future, more models will be moved to the new headquarters for manufacturing, and continue to provide customers with better products and services.

The successful commissioning of the main workshop this time is an initial victory in the construction of the new headquarters of Hongya CNC. It will greatly improve production efficiency, continue to make efforts for the company's production and operation, and accelerate the transformation process of production to intelligence and automation. The company creates better benefits.

The new headquarters of Hongya CNC is located in the Guangzhou Economic Development Zone, with a total construction area of approximately 65,000 square meters. It includes three parts: the comprehensive office building, the main workshop of the R&D and production base, and the No. 2 workshop. The company is committed to the development of high-end intelligent furniture production equipment innovation and industrialization. The long-term planning and design of the construction integrates technology, modernization, and intelligence to create high-practical industrial plants and promote the continuous transformation of enterprises to refined management and lean production.