Efficiency comes first, quality is king--High-quality PTP machining center KN-6410C


High-performance PTP CNC Machine KN-6410C, integrated with Italian high-end PTP machining center technology, is applicable to machining in customized furniture, doors, and solid-wood furniture, etc. It can execute diversified operations such as routering, cutting, side routering, and vertical or side drilling.



HSD 13.2kW Spindle


Maximum speed up to 24000rpm,

which satisfies the needs 

on high-speed routering.

12V8H1S Drilling Head



Continuous drilling according 

to production requirement,

auto match more holes and realize 

high-speed drilling and grooving.

16 PCS Servo Tool Magazine


Fast and accurate in tool auto-change, 

which meets the demands on 

multi-machining with different tools.

Italian OSAI Control System


Integration with graphic function.

With complete functions, 

this model satisfies the needs on

diversified and complex machining.

Drilling with Drill Head


Grooving with Spindle Tools


Chamfering with Spindle Tools


Options with aggregate according 

to production required

Side Milling


Bevel Cutting


Lamino Machining


Other Features

Dust Removal System


Effectively remove dust/chips, 

easy to maintenance.

2 Working Stations


Processing two workpieces at the 

same time, which improves efficiency.

Tools Touch Off


Accurate in tools pre-setting, 

improving efficiency.

Lubrication System


Automatically lubricates the 

transmission system, 

ensuring a long-service and stable run.

Safety Light Curtain


Much safer and reassuring for users.



Operation is more convenient.