Good news | KDT won the China Patent Excellence Award


Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office officially issued the "Decision on Awarding of the 22nd China Patent Award", and KDT won the China Patent Excellence Award. The award-winning patent "Manufacturing Process and Manufacturing Device of a Panel Furniture" obtained the patent authorization in 2017 (Patent No.: ZL201710141986.8).

喜讯 | 弘亚数控荣获中国专利优秀奖(图1)

This invention includes the six major processes of labeling, positioning, cutting, edge sealing, reprocessing and output completion. It adds a distribution and transfer device between the three major process hosts of material cutting, edge sealing and drilling, and combines data collection. Design and dismantle software, MES and ERP software for seamless docking, realize effective integration between equipment and between people and equipment, and successfully open up "equipment islands". The panel furniture production line developed has a high degree of flexibility, automation and integration. Realize flexible automatic processing of panel furniture, cost-effective, and can effectively replace imports.

China Patent Award

The China Patent Award is the only government award in my country that specifically grants patent rights for inventions and creations. It is the highest honor in the field of intellectual property in my country. It is recognized by the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and is an intellectual property award with international influence. .

The Chinese Patent Award focuses on strengthening the creation, protection and application of intellectual property rights, focusing on patent quality, technological innovation, economic value, market prospects and industry influence, and encouraging and commending applications that have made outstanding contributions to technological (design) innovation and economic and social development People and inventors (designers).

In the era of knowledge economy, innovation is the lifeblood of enterprise development. Intellectual property is the embodiment of scientific and technological innovation strength and the key to mastering development initiative. Improving independent innovation ability, breaking through key innovation capabilities, and breaking through key core technologies is to seek the future of enterprises. Hongya CNC adheres to the drive of scientific and technological innovation, and has obtained more than 100 patent authorizations and more than 50 software copyrights. The company's R&D personnel account for 16% of the company's number, and R&D investment accounts for nearly 4% of operating income. Strong R&D strength continues to empower the group develop.