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    • Product Name: KN-2309

    Introduction: 1.Italy HSD boring head 2.Double gripper and long rail for continuous drilling 3.Air floating table and press board.simutaneous drilling and pressing . 4.PC control with CAD/CAM,scan bar code to drill instantly.
    • Product Name: KDT-6482

    Introduction: KDT-6482 is automatic feeding drilling machine, its operation is very flexible. It has HD touch screen function, four-side drilling unit, with two horz.drilling, top and bottom vert. drilling.
    • Product Name: KDT-5610

    Introduction: KDT-5610 can work as two machines.It can be splited into two work zones for two operators, with 10 drillimg motors, 6 rows of heads, quick air lock mechanism.
    • Product Name: KDT-5606

    Introduction: KDT-5606 has double foot switches, vert.drilling motor is single motor, with 6 drillimg motors, 6 rows of heads.
    • Product Name: KDT-6042/6042S

    Introduction: TH series of highly efficient multi-drilling firm, automatic feeding system, standard with HD touch screen system. Drilling direction:two horz. and vert. three-side drilling. Quick cycle technology.

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KDT-Dobie(86)18802059610 KDT-Sammy (86)