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    • Product Name: KE-368JGA

    Introduction: Pre-miling → Pre-melt → Double Rail Endcutting → R1 Trimming → R2 Trimming → R1 Scraping → R2 Scraping → 1st Pneumatic Buffing → 2nd Pneumatic Buffing Double gluing Pneumatic triming Pneumatic scraping Double buffing unit
    • Product Name: KE-396JS

    Introduction: 0-45 degree continuous adjustable angle dging.perfect for news fashion cabinet doors and drawers with no handles.
    • Product Name: KE-2368J/KE-2368H/KE-2368JHH

    Introduction: Pre-milling→Gluing → End Cutting → Rough Trim → Fine Trim → Scraping → Buffing
    • Product Name: KE-2468J

    Introduction: Pre-milling → Gluing → End Cutting → Rough Trim → Fine Trim → Corner Trim → Scraping → Buffing
    • Product Name: KDT-305

    Introduction: Manual edge bander: it's used for feeding the glue to the double surfaces of panel

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