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Mechanical Design Technician / Assistant Engineer 2

description of job:
      1. Responsible for the external processing arrangement of non-standard parts, tracking the processing progress, and purchasing the processed parts on time and in quantity;
      2. Responsible for signing a purchase contract with the customer and urging the contract to perform as scheduled;
      3. Understand the production status of the supplier and provide timely feedback to provide guidance for the procurement management personnel to carry out the deployment control;
      4. In-depth understanding of the configuration of machined parts of the company's production equipment;
      5. Develop new suppliers and supply channels.
     job requirements:
      1. Have more than one year of purchasing experience, full-time college degree or above;
      2, with mechanical hardware related work experience, to understand metal materials or machining processes;
      3. Familiar with the procurement process, familiar with the ERP system, and can independently complete the procurement work.
      4, have a high degree of responsibility, enterprising, hold a driver's license, priority;
Application process and needs
      First of all, please pay attention to the above recruitment information to see if you have the right position. Read the job requirements in detail and send us your personal profile. We will arrange a special person to review your application email and filter the resume into the following process. Interview / Re-examination
      Confirmation of the time of entry, "Reporting"
      Salary requirements: Please write or negotiable in the email (80% of the trial period).
      Trial period: 3 months
     Working hours: Monday to Friday: 8:30~12:00 13:30~18:00, Saturday: 8:30~12:00
     Interested parties please contact 567897640@qq.com
     Contact: Miss Yang / Miss Zhou / Miss Huang
     Contact number: 020-82529888-762