Talent is the most valuable resource of KDT, we welcome and gathere all skilled personnel.

Talent concept
Optimize talent allocation and fully play their roles to realize shared development
Recruitment principle
Public recruitment, Fair competition,priority in the selection of recruits, flexible allocation, both ability and political integrity
Technical education
Vocational training, professional training, efficient application
Salary and bonus
Salary structure

Basic salary, post allowance, performance bonus

Full attendance bonus, high temperature allowance, overtime pay

Other income

Social security benefits

Security Insurance in Pension , medical, employment injury and unemployment,Birth insurance

Housing fund; Group accident insurance

Attractive bonus

Year-end bonus Intellectual property/Project declaration Award

R&D Innovation Award  Equity incentive

Excellent employee award, etc

Working time

Five eight-hour working per week 

Overtime allowance shall be paid  beyond working hours

Rest on legal holidays

Corporate Training

Induction training General training

Job professional skills training

Theme training, one-to-one paid training, etc.

Career Development

Fair and fair promotion channel

Provide a broad career development space

Management channel Technology channel

Position adjustment, internal transfer, etc.

Intimate Welfare

High temperature subsidy Holiday gifts Self-built restaurant

Provide apartment dormitory (equipped with air conditioning, 

washing machine, water heater, desk and chair, wardrobe, separate toilet)

Night shift subsidy (80 yuan/shift), etc.

Paid Vacation

Closed on statutory holidays

Enjoy marriage leave, sick leave and maternity leave

Bereavement leave, paternity leave, paid annual leave, etc.

Company Activities

Departmental team building activities, annual meetings, etc.


Assist in the transfer of Guangzhou registered permanent residence, file transfer, professional title evaluation, etc.;

Outstanding performers in various positions have the opportunity to enjoy group equity incentive distribution;

Outstanding graduates will also have the opportunity to personally train and guide the company's senior executives as mentors and the opportunity to travel or study abroad

Social Recruitment
Declaration:Recuirment is only conducted by Human Resource department of KDT

No.3, Yunkai Road, Yunpu Industrial Zone, Huangpu District, Guangzhou

Miss. Chen 020-82529888-763

Miss. Tang 020-82529888-762

"There is no pickup service for applicants. To make sure the interview information be correct, applicats can contact via the above. Applicants shall keep caution to avoid trap "
Recruitment procedure
Information release
HR department releases recruitment information through legal channels, such as the company's official website, schools and regular recruitment web...
Interview appointment
HR Department contact to make interview appoint via: 020-82529888;
Information registration
Applicants fill out the interview registration form according to real personal information.
Preliminary interview
Applicants should provide orignals and a copy of each of authentic and valid certificates (id card, graduation certificate, degree certificate and re...
Second interview
"Those who pass the initial interview can enter the next round interview led by employer department leader (second interview depends on positio...
Physical examination
Human Resources cllas the retest qualifier to take pghysical examination and inform the time and places as well as relatove attentions
Comprehensive accessment
Human resources department access comprehensively the application materials and physical examination results.And those who pass the evaluation will be...
The following information should be provided at the time of entry, 3 one-inch recent bareheaded color photos, separation certificate of former employ...
position Name Job category Number of recruits work place release time deadline Recruitment details
Mechanical Engineers R&D position 5people Huangpu District, Guangzhou 2021-06-11 long term effective

Job Responsibilities

1. Product mechanical structure, mechanical component design, material selection, and participate in the research and development and design of new products;

2. Improve the design of existing products and sort out technical data;

3. Make and modify product parts and material codes and schedules;

4. Deal with the assembly and debugging of production machinery and product quality issues;

5. Handle technical issues and technical consultations on machinery from other departments such as production, purchase, and sales, and provide technical information.


1. Mechanical related major, bachelor degree or above;

2. Familiar with common material properties, heat treatment technology and processing technology; familiar with common mechanical structure principles and be able to use design flexibly;

3. Proficiency in using common 2D and 3D design software;

4. Cheerful personality, good communication skills, learning ability and innovation ability.

Electrical Engineer R&D position 2people Huangpu District, Guangzhou 2021-06-11 long term effective

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for transforming the design of the control circuit of the numerical control equipment, drawing the circuit diagram, and compiling the bill of materials;

2. Responsible for the improvement of the electrical design of the model;

3. Responsible for the technical support work of the electrical part in the production and after-sales work;

4. Responsible for the preparation and improvement of technical data such as electrical operation instructions and equipment operation manuals;

5. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.


1. Bachelor degree, major in electrical design and automation, automation, etc.;

2. Experience in electrical control design of mechanical equipment, familiar with PLC programming, working experience in CNC equipment industry is preferred;

3. Proficiency in the application of AUTO CAD and other software;

4. Understand the electrical safety design specifications;

5. Good at learning, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, with strong communication skills and teamwork spirit.

Electrical Software Engineer R&D position 1people Huangpu District, Guangzhou 2021-06-11 long term effective

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the development and design of mechanical equipment related control software and human-computer interaction software;

2. Complete the development tasks of the project on time according to the requirements of the project, and realize the functional modules of the system;

3. Communicate and cooperate with electrical engineers, participate in demand analysis, and assist in database design;

4. Compile all kinds of documents needed in the process of project and system development.


1. More than one year of relevant work experience, familiar with C# or VB.NET development language, master common .Net development technology, and have a good coding style;

2. Familiar with object-oriented thinking, understand .Net design specifications and commonly used design patterns, and have independent module design capabilities;

3. Master C/S development skills, familiar with WinForm/WPF desktop program development;

4. Master multi-line program development, and master multi-thread synchronization and thread safety technology;

5. Possess rigorous programming habits, good teamwork spirit, strong communication and learning skills, and work proactively;

6. Experience in industrial control software development is preferred.

Foreign Trade Clerk sales department 3people Huangpu District, Guangzhou 2021-06-11 long term effective

Job Responsibilities:

1. Accurate domestic and foreign quotation, contract determination, signing, execution and order tracking;

2. Use network platforms, foreign exhibitions, etc. to explore overseas markets, seek communication with overseas customers, organize and reply and follow up later;

3. Maintain good communication with customers, maintain good customer relationships, and be responsible for product promotion and marketing in foreign markets;

4. Grasp the needs of customers, take the initiative to develop business, and complete the tasks of superiors and subordinates;

5. Collect business information, grasp market trends, and report market conditions to leaders in a timely manner;

6. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.


1. Bachelor degree, excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, proficient in English books and letters; English, international trade, machinery, wood processing and other related majors are available, and those who understand furniture craftsmanship are preferred;

2. Familiar with foreign trade regulations, policies, customs declaration and freight and other procedures;

3. Experience in operating platforms such as Alibaba is preferred.

4. Cheerful and lively personality, good image and temperament.

Sales Service Position Sales Service Department 2people Huangpu District, Guangzhou 2021-06-11 long term effective

Job Responsibilities:

1. The company's large-scale promotion meetings and training explanations, disseminate product knowledge to customers, let them understand the company's operations, and guide customers to recognize the company's products;

2. The company exhibition hall will take customers to visit daily for product explanation and company introduction;

3. According to customer needs, regular product training for distributors;

4. Integrate equipment product promotion technical data and assist equipment material shooting;

5. Assist in the remote network training service of equipment software technology;

6. Assist domestic and foreign pre-sales and after-sales technical service support work, need to be familiar with the equipment technology;

7. Complete other tasks assigned by the company's leaders, and communicate well with all departments of the company.


1. Bachelor degree, CET-4 or above;

2. Proficiency in using office software such as PPT, Word and Excel;

3. Planning, sense of responsibility, good teamwork spirit and collective sense of honor, strong analytical and judgment skills, written and language skills;

4. More than one year of working experience in large mechanical equipment, numerical control equipment, automation equipment or automobile 4S training is preferred.

Purchasing Engineer Purchasing position 3people Huangpu District, Guangzhou 2021-06-11 long term effective

Job Responsibilities:

1. Familiar with the machining technology, analyze the quotation of the external cooperation parts, and control the cost;

2. Develop a procurement plan;

3. Follow up the purchase contract to ensure that the materials arrive in accordance with the contract requirements;

4. Deal with quality problems and have the ability to judge and analyze the quality of parts;

5. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

job requirements:

1. Able to understand the drawings of mechanical parts, understand the machining process, and have more than 2 years of outsourcing procurement experience;

2. Possess strong negotiation skills, strong coordination and ability to solve emergencies;

3. Positive attitude, quick thinking and careful thinking;

4. Familiar with the operation of ERP system;

5. Hold a driver's license and can drive.

Campus Recruitmnet
position Name 岗位类别 Number of recruits work place release time deadline Recruitment details
Foreign Trade Clerk Sales position 5people Huangpu District, Guangzhou 2021-06-11 long term effective

1. Bachelor degree, English, international economics and trade, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, automation, electrical engineering and automation and other related majors;

2. Excellent oral English expression and strong English writing ability;

3. Interested in foreign trade, certain mechanical theory knowledge is preferred.

Sales Technician Sales Service Position 2people Huangpu District, Guangzhou 2021-06-11 long term effective

1. Bachelor degree, major in mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, automation, electrical engineering and automation, etc.;

2. A certain degree of English expression and writing ability is preferred;

3. Interested in pre-sales and after-sales technical support work, a certain knowledge of mechanical and electrical principles is preferred.

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