Machining Center

The integrated machining center solves multiple processes such as drilling, milling, and slotting of panel furniture, and a variety of products such as cabinets, door panels, and seats. It leads the w

  • NC Sawing

    Rear Loading Model Front Loading Model Reciprocating Model Sliding Table Saw
  • Machining Center

    3 Series Model 2 Series Model PTP Labeling Machine
  • Edge Bander

    Flexible Model High Speed Model 6 Series Model Conventional Model Side Edging Model Wooden Door Model Bevel Model Double-side Model
  • Drilling Center

    Six-side NC Drilling Five-side NC Drilling Through-feed Drilling Multi-row Drilling Horizontal Drilling
  • Automation

    Edging Line Flexible Drilling Line CNC&Labeling Line Automatic Drilling Line Whol Plant Planning