Riding the wind and breaking the waves to create the future intelligently | Hongya CNC new product p


On July 26, 2020, the new product promotion training meeting before the KDT exhibition was successfully held.

With the theme of "Bringing the Wind, Breaking the Waves and Creating the Future" as the theme, the training will launch a new product promotion training session. At the same time, it will introduce the form of webcast, combining online and offline, and invite more than 90 dealers to participate onsite, and more than 1,500 The dealer friends who were not present watched the online live broadcast. After training, the dealers have gained a lot.

乘风破浪 智造未来 | 弘亚数控新产品推介培训会成功举办!(图1)

Since its establishment, Hongya CNC has been committed to providing customers with first-class products and quality services. The aim is to share the company's latest products and innovations with dealers and expand the audience of the training. This training session introduces a webcast format, and dealers who are not present can also participate in the training by watching the live broadcast.

乘风破浪 智造未来 | 弘亚数控新产品推介培训会成功举办!(图2)

乘风破浪 智造未来 | 弘亚数控新产品推介培训会成功举办!(图3)

乘风破浪 智造未来 | 弘亚数控新产品推介培训会成功举办!(图4)

This training session will be divided into two links: new product introduction and intelligent connection introduction, to promote the company's new products in multiple dimensions and to enhance the confidence of dealers in market expansion.

乘风破浪 智造未来 | 弘亚数控新产品推介培训会成功举办!(图5)

乘风破浪 智造未来 | 弘亚数控新产品推介培训会成功举办!(图6)

乘风破浪 智造未来 | 弘亚数控新产品推介培训会成功举办!(图7)

乘风破浪 智造未来 | 弘亚数控新产品推介培训会成功举办!(图8)

乘风破浪 智造未来 | 弘亚数控新产品推介培训会成功举办!(图9)

乘风破浪 智造未来 | 弘亚数控新产品推介培训会成功举办!(图10)

Thanks to the distributors for their strong support and active participation! The ideal is shining to the sun, and the development is not yet in a period of time. Hope Hongya CNC will ride the wind and waves with you and create the future wisely!

乘风破浪 智造未来 | 弘亚数控新产品推介培训会成功举办!(图11)