Training Newsletter | The technical training of CNC panel saw after double pusher is successfully co


In order to make agents more familiar with our products and equipment-related application technology, and jointly provide customers with better services, our company held a CNC panel saw product after-sales technical training course on November 16-18, and successfully completed the training task .

培训简讯 | 双推手后上料数控裁板锯技术培训圆满完成(图1)

Training models

KS-842HL Double push hand post-loading CNC panel saw

Training syllabus

Introduction to each organization, mechanical principle, electrical principle, equipment highlights; installation process of floating table, leaning ruler, sawing car, guide rail, main/auxiliary manipulator, hydraulic table; debugging process and details of each organization, parameter setting; customer experience sharing on site installation and debugging Communicate with each other; optimize software application practice and host computer explanation; common faults and solutions.

Equipment installation and commissioning training

Learn the mechanical principle and circuit principle of each mechanism of the equipment, explain on-site and practice the installation and debugging steps of practical operation, and improve the proficiency of equipment debugging.

培训简讯 | 双推手后上料数控裁板锯技术培训圆满完成(图2)

培训简讯 | 双推手后上料数控裁板锯技术培训圆满完成(图3)

培训简讯 | 双推手后上料数控裁板锯技术培训圆满完成(图4)

培训简讯 | 双推手后上料数控裁板锯技术培训圆满完成(图5)

培训简讯 | 双推手后上料数控裁板锯技术培训圆满完成(图6)

Software application training

Learn the latest software application technology of CNC panel saws, conduct on-site operation exercises and assessments, exchanges and sharing, and the students have gained a lot.

培训简讯 | 双推手后上料数控裁板锯技术培训圆满完成(图7)

培训简讯 | 双推手后上料数控裁板锯技术培训圆满完成(图8)

培训简讯 | 双推手后上料数控裁板锯技术培训圆满完成(图9)

This technical training combines theoretical knowledge with on-site practical training, effectively improving the students' understanding of CNC panel saw equipment and the ability of on-site application technology, and adding strength to continue to provide customers with more professional and high-quality services.

培训简讯 | 双推手后上料数控裁板锯技术培训圆满完成(图10)