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2013, passed the audit of relative units in Guangdong Province; Hongya CNC Technology R&D Center was authorized as a “Municipal Enterprise Technology Center” in Guangzhou; 
2013, won the title of “the most growable brand” in Guangzhou;

Revise Straight Edge Sealing Machine industry standard as an exclusive enterprise drafting unit system, with the standard No. LY/T 1797-2008,Executed on December 1, 2008

Revise Single-sided Sliding Table Panel Saw industry standard as a main drafting unit system, with the standard No. LY/T1464-2013,Executed on July 1, 2013

Draft Drilling Machine industry standard as a first undertaking unit, with the standard No. 2013-LY-87 (under revision)

2010, obtained the qualification of national high-tech enterprise, with the certificate No. GR201044000308,
2013, passed the reexamination of national relative units

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