Through-feed Drilling

Drilling on all sides, efficient and intelligent, doubled efficiency

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Product installation drawing

Advantages of the scheme

  • Beckhoff Control System

  • Strong suction suction cup

  • Automatic detection of sheet size

  • Smart scan code device (optional)

Technical parameter

Panel Length(mm)240-1300(Double station) 240-2800(Single station)
Panel width(mm)120-800
Panel Thickness(mm)12-60
Max Speed of Gripper(m/min)
Max Speed of Y/Z-Axis(m/min)100/30
Number of DrillsVertical drill 76V+Horizontal drill 16H
Power of Spindle(kW)
Total Power(kW)41.3
Overall Size(L*W*H)13000L*3715W*2000H 
Size & QTYof Dust Hood200*4   150*1

Product video

Scheme Application



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